Hello. My name is Eduardo Luiz. But my friends call me Godoy or Edu.
I started my career in the second semester of 2002, at Leo Burnett Brazil. 
I learned a lot with José Borghi, Bruno Prosperi, Marcelo Reis, (….)
In 2004 I went to Loducca, and learned even more with Celso Loducca, the late Tomás Lorente, André Nassar, (….)

In 2006 I returned to work with José Borghi. I went to BorghiErh. I learned even more from him and Erh.

In 2007 I did a freelance job at Rái Group. And that same year I joined the DDB Brazil (DM9). Where I had a unique opportunity 
to learn from many talented people. Like Julio Andery, BJ Yung, Aricio Fortes, Denis Kakazu, Guilherme Jahara, Edson Oda, (....)

But my career was abruptly cut short. Unfortunately. On the night of May 20, 2009 I suffered a stroke. 
What if the internet back then was as fast as it is today, I wouldn't be forced to walk away. 
I was just going to have resilience and continue my career remotely.

Whose working system was vital in the acute phase of the pandemic Covid-19.  +

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